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Here’s What You Should Know About the Buzz Surrounding
Magic Mushrooms in Canada

For centuries, different cultures across the world have used fungi with psychedelic properties to create mind-altering effects. These drugs were known to be more than just affecting the vision and perception; they were considered sacred as people used them for spiritual experiences. Till date, people use these drugs for psychedelic effects and the number grows continuously. Many countries and states like in Canada are considering the decriminalization and legalization of magic mushrooms containing psilocybin and clinical trials are being performed to verify their effects.

Under the effects of magic mushrooms Canada, users experience changes in mood and perception and some visual and auditory hallucinations. People often choose to microdose mushrooms to benefit their mental health. When the acute effects subside, users feel enhanced senses of self-awareness due to which they have attracted the attention of users in Canada and even medical researchers across the world. While more research needs to be conducted to prove their efficacy, clinical trials suggest that their effects can have therapeutic benefits.

Several studies have indicated that psychedelics are effective at producing antidepressant effects by allowing users to align with their mortality. These findings are new but backed by strong results and data. Stigmas associated with the use of psychedelics have started to subside with more research that indicates the therapeutic potential of this drug.

How Magic Mushrooms Affect Brain?

Magic mushrooms contain a compound called psilocybin that gets converted into psilocin through metabolism inside the body. This compound is responsible for causing the psychotropic effects shrooms are famous for. It binds with the receptors in different parts of the brain to affect various functions. This is why people feel their effects on mood like euphoria. It also causes improvement in memory, cognitive function and mental health. The effects on certain receptors are responsible for their therapeutic effects as well.

What Studies Suggest?

A lot of research has been done for the effects of magic mushrooms and studies suggest that they are effective at treating obsessive-compulsive disorder, various types of anxiety, nicotine or alcohol addiction and anxiety or depression related to conditions like cancer. Research in Canada also suggests that magic mushrooms can cause improved mood and a better attitude. A lot of users report the experience to be one of the most comprehensive ones in life. A big percentage of participants in a study said the experience was associated with positive behavioral change.

Is Psilocybin Safe?

The number of adverse reports for psilocybin is low as compared to other drugs and research has found that there is no association between the use of psychedelics and mental illnesses. Moreover, this compound has no risk of overdosing. A 1000 times higher dose than a regular one can be lethal though psilocybin causes side effects such as nausea, confusion, vomiting, hypertension, anxiety and sensitivity to light. While there is a lot of stigma associated with the use of psychedelics, studies suggest that magic mushrooms can be beneficial when used properly. Such findings can encourage the relief in restrictions in Canada and lead to legalization with further research.